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13.07.2017 16:41
Within the framework of the Twinning Project (Component C3) the officers of the State Border Guards Service of Ukraine took part in the Study Visit to the Republic of Poland

In the framework of the Twinning Project within the Component C3 “Presentation of the stolen motor vehicles detection system, best practices in information exchange and international cooperation” the group of the officers from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has recently taken part in the Study Visit to the Republic of Poland. 

In accordance with the Study Visit Program the Ukrainian Delegation visited the Polish Border Guard Headquarters, Nadbużański and Bieszczadzki Border Guard Regional Units.

The main aim of the study visit was to get familiarized with the best practices and the key principles of the Polish Border Guard Service’s activities in terms of counteracting with illegal smuggling of vehicles across the border, in particular, in the field of stolen motor vehicles detection.

During the study visit to the Polish Border Guard Headquarters the Ukrainian Delegation was presented with the procedures of the border control of the vehicles being performed by the Polish colleagues in order to identify the stolen cars.

The main attention was directed at the joint Polish-German Coordination Centre «SWIECKO» on the internal borders between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany which continually improved its designation and effectiveness, especially in the issues connected to car crime by means of the high level of the cooperation and work efficiency.

The Polish BGS presented informational databases which are used by Polish inspectors during vehicles checks in order to detect stolen ones.

With regards to the verification of the legality of the vehicle origin the Polish BGS also uses the databases which include the information on stolen vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that the Polish Border Guard Service actively uses the Risk & Analysis system at the time of vehicle border checks.

Therewith, the main factor in the detection of stolen vehicles is the human factor. The key focus lies on the level of personal qualification and preparation of the individual officer and his or her experience.

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