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29.08.2017 17:24
State Border Guard Service of Ukraine participates in the implementation of the project «SOS-Alert Solution»

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority in partnership with the Presidium of Police Force of Slovak Republic, who had a role of beneficiary, implemented the project entitled “SOS- Alert Solution – Cross border cooperation project for enhanced detection and interception of illicit CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear) materials on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border”.  The objective of the project was to enhance the capabilities of the Presidium of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic (PPF) and the State Border Guards Services of Ukraine (SBGS) and their respective partners at the border in specific areas related to CBRN threats.

The project gives us the opportunity to exchange of experiences, best practices and capacity building with the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) and other European and international experts and organizations. 

The abovementioned project was funded by the Norwegian financial mechanism, under the program Cross-border cooperation. The total budget of the project was 1 143 350 €, of which 85% of financial resources was allocated from the Norwegian financial mechanism and 15% was the co-funding from the state budget of Slovak Republic.

The project has enabled the SBGS and the PPF to acquire the special detection equipment and personal protective equipment for training and all subsequent activities of specialized security forces of Ukraine and Slovakia.

The project also funded the extensive education of Ukrainian and Slovakian security forces employees in the field of CBRN security and safety.

On August 27 - 30, a final meeting of representatives of Ukrainian, Norwegian and Slovakian partners was held at the headquarters of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority in Oslo, during which the partners evaluated the entire course of the SOS Alert Solution project, identified the barriers and reserves within the framework of previous, existing and future cooperation and defined specific conditions for planned partnerships within the framework of a predefined project, that will be implemented under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program in the new programming period of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The partners have already clarified their visions for the future and agreed on the need of involving more partners in the new project. At this moment it was agreed, that the International CBRN Risk Mitigation Research Center, National Police of Ukraine
and the Secret Service of Ukraine along with the previous ones will form the partnership base of the new predefined project of the Cross-border Cooperation Program in the new programming period of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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