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23.05.2017 11:35
"Removing barriers: Strategies of integrating women to the security sector"

The international event was organized by the Center of Information and Documentation of NATO in the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the International Organization "Inclusive Security" with full NATO support.

The main purpose of the event was to discuss the implementation of national action plans in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution №1325 «Women, Peace and Security", to exchange of  advanced experience with the Republic of Moldova in the sphere of  strengthening of inclusive strategies and to identify hidden barriers in order to the inclusion of women to  the security sector.

Advanced experience of Ukraine on implementation of the National Action Plan of the UN Security Council resolution №1325 in 2017 - 2020 was represented by Ukrainian delegation. The Colonel Olga Derkach – the senior officer of International Cooperation of the European integration of the Administration of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was the member of   Ukrainian delegation.

Ukrainian Side outlined the main achievements towards the  implementation of the National Plan for the realization of Security Council resolution №1325 «Women, peace and security" and emphasized on  the risks that are needed to pay attention during the elaboration of the national plan of the Republic of Moldova and expressed hope for positive results for all members of the event.

International discussion with the participation of the representatives of government, security sector and civil society in Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Turkey, Montenegro, Spain, Albania and Moldova (as beneficiary of the project), EUBAM, NATO, OSCE and the international organization "Inclusive security "confirmed  that the specified event has become the basis for discussing gender issues and further study of the national approaches to develop  an inclusive security sector in Europe.

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