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07.04.2017 16:38
In the framework of the Twinning Project the working consultations were held in terms of IT interoperability State Border Guard Service with EU IT systems

During this week the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continued to carry out the consultations with the EU experts on the current status and on future technical development of the IT systems of the Ukrainian border agency from the perspective of its integration and EU IT interoperability.

At the start of the week the EU IT specialists (representatives of the border authorities of Germany and Lithuania) presented the general schemes of the currently acting main (central) system of the European Union with regards to the border security: SIS II (Schengen Information System), VIS (Visa Information System) and EURODAC (European Dactyloscopy System). Besides that, the national access procedures of the border agencies to the mentioned databases and its formation of its own informational resources have been presented.

On behalf of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine the information system GART, with its subsystems and the platform for interagency information exchange ARKAN were presented.

Having shared best practices, both sides continued with discussions on technical capabilities of the systems’ implementation and its interoperability. The most robust discussions triggered the questions on the implementation of the interagency automated information exchange in the area of border security in general and in particular personal data protection.

Also, the EU experts communicated the plans in respect of new information systems’ implementation related to border control: Entry Exit System (ETIAS) – is destined for the control and analysis of the external EU borders crossing; European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) – intended for the advanced information and authorization of the travelers to EU (for visa-free countries).

The results of these consultations will be used in the next component of the Project for joint elaboration of the capabilities of IBM system development in Ukraine and adaptation of national peculiarities to EU standards. 

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