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28.05.2017 08:49
Border security is provided by thousands of border guards during the professional holiday

A professional holiday of border guards - Border Guards Day is celebrated on May 28.

Usually,  thousands of border guards meet their professional holiday in the battle array. They continue to maintain law and order in the border areas  and make everything to protect state border of Ukraine.

In general, more than 1,200 border squads perform duties and reliably protect the state border, ensure the smooth operation of checkpoints in this day.

Moreover, border guards continue to perform duties on the positions in the ATO area.

Measures of state border protection are carried out on the land, in the sea and in the air.

It should be mentioned, that more than 17,700 border guards took part in combat actions  in eastern Ukraine. 67 heroes died in the combat actions while protecting Ukraine. Border guards in each Border Guard Detachments honored the memory of the fallen heroes with a minute of silence.

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