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27.03.2017 15:27
Border guards found an ancient sword and coins of the early 19th century

Servicemen of Lutsk Border Guard Detachment in cooperation with the Security Service  found the ancient sword, previously of the early 19th century, which a citizen of Portugal tried secretly to move across the Ukrainіan border.

Border guards together with employees of Fiscal Service found the antique object in the design features of the “Mercedes” vehicle, coming from Ukraine through the “Yagodyn” checkpoint.

Border guards received information about the possible illegal movement of cultural goods from the territory of Ukraine  in advance from the staff of the Security Service.

The driver hid sword, probably decorated with precious stones and a scabbard to it, under the sheathing of the luggage compartment  of the vehicle. Man and the  ancient object were passed to the Security Service .

Besides, at the “Shehyni” checkpoint,  border guards of Mostysk Border Guard Detachment together with representatives of the Fiscal Service found 13 ancient coins, released in 1838 – 1924 years.

While checking “Peugeot” vehicle, driven by a Ukrainian citizen, border guards found ancient coins of different denomination and years of issue in the cabin of the vehicle.

These coins were transferred to the Fiscal Service in order to conduct the examination.

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