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24.05.2017 16:05
Border Guard sniffer dogs helped to found cigarette worth 5 million UAH

Sniffer dogs are irreplaceable assistants for border guards in identifying and detention of  violators who illegally attempt to violate the state border and move the prohibited items across the state border. That is why the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine pays considerable attention to the issues of training dogs.

Inspectors-cynologists and their future assistants – sniffer dogs are prepared for the  protection of  state border in the Dog training center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Border guard sniffer dogs are trained how to search weapons, explosives, drugs, tobacco and how to catch violators on the state border.

Thus, from May 2016 to May 2017, inspectors-cynologists with a help of their sniffer dogs arrested nearly 260 offenders, found 200 weapons and 9000 ammunition, about 24 thousand pills of a drug action and 177 kilograms of drugs.

In general, today in the SBGS 1,200 sniffer dogs serve with cynologists, including the fact that some of them are used in the ATO area.

Among all sniffer dogs not only traditional German shepherds are used in the service, but also  other breeds of dogs as well, such as Labrador, Russian spaniel, English Spaniel, American Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Belgian Shepherd-Malinois, Rottweiler, Jack Russell terrier, etc.

The most striking examples which showed the work of  sniffer  dogs were detentions of drugs and tobacco at the border with Russia and Hungary.

 In particular, at the "Bachivsk" checkpoint sniffer dog helped to stop the citizen of Russia, who tried to move 156 packages of marijuana. The man hid in his vehicle "Mercedes" nearly 23 kg of drugs.

Moreover, at the  "Luzhanka " checkpoint border guards stopped the minibus in which under the guise of diplomatic mail, the citizen of Mongolia tried to move a large number of cigarettes. The value of seized tobacco and the vehicle was estimated for almost 950 thousand UAH.

It should be noted, that last year Servicemen of SBGS with the help of sniffer dogs  uncover hiding places  with over 1 million packs of cigarettes that  worth over 8 million UAH. But only for four months in 2017 border guards have revealed about 570 thousand packs of cigarettes worth nearly  5 million UAH.

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