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28.02.2017 11:18
(VIDEO) Border Guard aviation examined 14 000 km of the state border, 45 600 square km of territorial waters and economic zone of Ukraine

Today, the development of Border Guard aviation is carried within the framework of Concept and Program of its development up to 2020. Its basis will be the creation of modern aviation structure, capable for providing air support, in order to perform tasks, that was set by  border guard agency.

Now the most important task is to upgrade aviation machinery, because planes and helicopters of the Soviet Union times are outdated. Besides the maintenance of such  machinery is burdensome for the budget of the State Border  Guard Service.

Light Patrol aircraft «Diamond» of Austrian production have been actively used in the State Border Guard Service since 2011.

In fact, Border Guard aviation is actively used for air monitoring of the state border, border areas, examining the surface situation within the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine, territorial waters and Ukrainian part of the Azov Sea waters.

Last year, aircraft "Diamond" surveyed 14 000 km of land borders and 45 600 square km of territorial waters and  economic zone of Ukraine. Moreover, last year Ukrainian Border Guard Service received 7 light patrol aircraft «Diamond», which flew nearly 600 hours.

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