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24.03.2017 15:12
At a maritime port border guards of SBGS found a lion cub hidden among 2 thousand parrots

At a Black Sea maritime trading port border guards of Odessa Border Guard Detachment together with custom officers found a young lion cub being smuggled in a vehicle among thousands of parrots.

At the time of registration on departure from Ukraine of one of the ships, on border control has arrived the “Fiat”vehicle, which was carrying 2245 parrots and 4 cats. During the depth review of the vehicle, border guards found one more animal without necessary documents.

It turned out that one of the passengers hid the lion cub behind the cages with parrots under a blanket in a sports bag with personal belongings. Driver and another passengers did not know about the lion cub.

The cub was only  about one month of age. Turk tried secretly take it to Turkey.

About the discovery of the lion border guards informed the veterinary service of the port.

The cub was sent to a zoo in Odessa and the foreigner was prosecuted for violating the law.

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