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23.03.2017 14:06
"New face of the border":The reformation of border guard units will start soon

At the end of March, the next stage of recruitment of personnel within the framework of the pilot project  'New face of the border" will start in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The project, which was brought in according to European principles of integrity, has received a favorable responses from both domestic and international experts.

The final version of the project will be the creation of border guard units with professional, motivated and principled personnel,  who will effectively perform duties on the state border and simultaneously have a high level of public confidence.

During the first selection in mid-2015, which was only among the existing border guards, 400 candidates applied for participation.

Then 160 soldiers were selected by the competition commission.

Thanks to their professional actions, more than 200 potential illegal migrants were not passed through the state border. Besides, a significant number of forged documents were detected, 1,5 thousand of administrative protocols were drawn up and 2.2 million of fines were  imposed on violators.

Today, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is completing the preparation for the  second  stage of selection.

The partners of this stage of the project are the US Embassy in Ukraine and the International Organization for Migration.

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